Stain and Seal Your Wood Fences | A&J Fencing

Wood fences are traditionally beautiful, and they can be a significant financial investment in the value of your home and property. They do, however, require staining or sealing in order to enhance their beauty and to ensure their life span. Wood may either swell when it’s wet or contract when it’s dry, so that constant swelling and contracting action can cause cracks and damage to your beautiful new wood fence. If the wood is not properly treated, the sun’s damaging UV rays can also create problems such as fading and warping. Further, the wood can become subject to mold, rot, and decay.

We highly recommend that you stain and seal your new fence as soon as possible. If you have your wood fence installed in the rainy season, wood needs to be at its natural moisture content typically 14% or dry to the touch before staining or sealing. Here is a clients fence we installed early 2021 that took our advice and sealed their fence with a beautiful dark stain. The fence looks great, pickets have little to no warping and this client will get the most out of his investment.

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