Gate & Fence Repair Service

Need a fence and gate repaired or replaced? Our team is all about bringing your fence or gate back to life or giving you a shiny new one. Restore your fence or gate to it’s former glory and function—request a quote or give us a call today!

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FENCE Services

Fence & GAte Repairs

Tired of looking at that broken fence? Do you fight with that gate every time you open it? Stop! It’s time to give A&J Fencing a call.

We can complete those fence and gate repairs for you or help you decide on a replacement fence or gate. We can review both options with you. Get the yard you can be proud of with a new or newly repaired fence and gate from A&J Fencing.


Fence & Gate Repair Service

At A&J Fencing, we’re your go-to folks for fence and gate repair or replacement, and we’ve got plenty of good reasons why you might need our help. Picture this: your trusty old fence, weathering the elements year after year, might start showing signs of wear and tear, like rot, warping, or maybe some sneaky critters making it their home. Then there’s the unpredictable stuff – like a wild storm or an unexpected accident – that can leave your fence or gate looking worse for wear and unable to offer the privacy and protection you deserve. But don’t worry! That’s where we come in. 

Our team is all about bringing your fence or gate back to life or giving you a shiny, new one. We get that fences and gates aren’t just about keeping things in or out; they’re also about making your place look awesome. So, whether you’ve got a wobbly gate or need a whole new fence, A&J Fencing is here to help. We’ll patch things up, replace what needs replacing, and leave you with a fence and gate that’s as strong as it is good-looking.

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