Helpful Information to Have Before Calling for a Fence Estimate

When you call A&J Fencing for a fence estimate, we’re going to gather some information regarding your project and one of the first questions you’re going to be asked is “How soon are you needing the fence installed?”. The most popular answer is, “yesterday” or “ASAP”. As much as we’d love to start your project tomorrow, it’s probably not going to happen. However, we always try to leave some room in our schedule for emergencies, small repairs and smaller jobs, but please keep in mind that scheduling is on a first come first serve basis. Here’s some helpful information to have on hand before calling your local fence contractor to ensure a smooth scheduling process. The more you’re prepared, the quicker we can get you over a bid and the sooner we can schedule your fence installation.  

Do I know where my property lines are? Knowing where the property lines are located is the homeowner’s responsibility, please call your local survey company if you are unsure of property lines. If you’re not sure who to call, we know of a few survey companies we can refer you to). 

What is the purpose of my fence? This will help guide us to suggest styles that fit your needs. Example: Privacy? Keeping dogs/kids in? Security? Decorative?

What style of fence do I want? Cedar, chain link, garden style, farm, ornamental steel, vinyl or custom. If custom, please provide pictures. 

How tall do I want my fence? Height also depends on the location of your fence, please call your local building codes enforcement. 

Gates? If so, what size of gates? Are you wanting a single swing man gate or something bigger such as a driveway gate?

How soon do I want my fence installed? Is this an emergency fence installation? This will help determine if we can accommodate your scheduling needs.  

What is a good, estimated amount of linear footage I want fenced? This helps determine scheduling and cost. 

What budget do I want to stay under? By knowing your budget, we can guide you toward achieving realistic goals with your budget. We have expert knowledge to determine which tasks are achievable within your budget, and which aspects of the project to put on the back burner. 

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